Each Stay Sharp webinar is power-packed with real-world, career-changing insights DY has gained over four decades and 10,000+ speaking, coaching, training, consulting, auditing, performance management, student empowerment, and leadership development engagements for great organizations and schools.

Each Stay Sharp webinar will be available online so you can view them in any order at your convenience. Professional webinars are $30, and Student webinars are $10. New webinars will be added based on participant feedback on DY’s social media feeds.

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Some of DY’s Clients and Partners


Clarify Your Four Standards

In organizational dynamics, nothing moves teams like receiving and being held accountable for clear expectations. Delivered to thousands of leaders since 1997, this program transforms leaders and their teams. Learn new ways to clarify and leverage your expectations to elevate employee ownership and performance.

Get the Job You Want: Unique Interviewing Secrets at Work

Formerly reserved for one-to-one executive coaching sessions, the techniques in this program have helped 80% of my clients get the job they wanted or make the final round of interviews. Three clients earned raises of $32K, $54K, and $83K. Check it out if you’re seeking a new role in your current organization or another.

Preparing Your Team to Master Change, Challenge, Chaos, and Crisis

The world’s most famous leaders achieve legendary status because of their performance in the most difficult times. This session provides a pathway that leaders can follow to sustain their team’s focus when the proverbial apple cart has been upset.

Work Life Balance Is a Pipe Dream: A New View of the Topic

Forget about it: you ain’t gonna achieve balance! But wait…what if there is something better than balance that is more satisfying and more realistic? The paradigm shift the session creates will ultimately bring praise and applause from the people who matter most in your life.

The Power Of G: How Young Professionals Differentiate

While so much of the world’s focus is on younger professionals the reality is that older people still lead most of the world’s major organizations. What if a younger person could learn work practices to stand-out in the crowd? This is that session!

Leading Teams You Don’t See Every Day

Years of access to and partnership with leaders of massive regions and districts has revealed several effective practices for building and sustaining a winning culture with “virtual” teams. Learn several powerful action steps to empower your team ‘from a distance’.

Maintaining Morale in Different and Difficult Times

Ever been through a consent decree? Ever been through an imminent closure? Ever been through any difficult time in your organization? This session includes some of the most common action steps leaders should consider when their team doesn’t feel inspired by their current realities.

Lessons from Legendary Leaders

“Don’t hate…Emulate!” is one of my favorite personal platitudes. Find out how much more awesome you can be by taking a page from the book from several legendary people you know, and you don’t know.

Perseverance Matters

This might sound overly simplistic. Many leaders and employees fail to persevere because they never prepare to persevere. Built through years of supporting, coaching, and mentoring people from a wide array of backgrounds—many of them challenging—this process will help you leverage what’s right in front of you.

Becoming A Champion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Your CFO doesn’t create your financial plan. Your CPO doesn’t create your employee plan. And your CDO shouldn’t create your DE&I plan. This session provides a framework (30 years in the making) for understanding, personalizing, and shepherding DE&I at any level in your organization. This session is great for first-time CDO’s and Diversity Directors/Managers.

Now What: I’m A Supervisor and I’m Supervising My Peers

If you’re like so many leaders around the world, you got the promotion to your current position because of your technical prowess. Now you’re in charge—and especially if it’s your peers—you realize there’s so much more to leading others. This session provides a step-by-step process you can use to increase your comfort with your role and your peers’ comfort with you.

Get Over It: How Older Generations Understand Younger Generations

Are you 55 or older? You don’t have to answer that—just think about it. Do you want to stop frowning and wincing when you’re asked what it takes to help younger employees thrive? If so, gain some answers that might help you better connect with your younger employees and peers. Hint: It might help not to start sentences with, “When I was your age”.

Becoming the Ultimate Board Member

Why are certain community-minded people constantly being called on and recognized for their contributions more than others? Big checks! That’s definitely part of it. In this session, learn some of the obvious and not-so-obvious actions that can elevate your non-profit volunteering.

6 Lessons Your Employees Wish You Knew About Equity

Equity. Ever heard of it? Sure, you have! It is the current buzz among organizations that are challenging their leaders to figure out the most diverse workforce in history. In this session you’ll gain a new perspective on equity that will dramatically improve how you understand, connect with, and influence all kinds of employees and customers.

Creating a Culture of Trust

Trust is the magic elixir for your most amazing results. You need it. Your employees need it. When it exists within your team, everyone feels good about how they win. Discover new and effective pathways to build or renew trust with your team.

Strategic Relationship Building

Question: Have you ever achieved a goal, strategy, or vision without relationships? Right. Me neither! This program shares ways to improve the quality of your initiatives by making “win-win-win” relationships your most valuable asset. Learn how a non-profit tripled their top fund-raiser in one year; or how an HR function doubled their internal customer satisfaction scores in less than 18 months.

Developmental Delegation

If you have ever taught someone how to drive a car you might have what it takes to transform your career and your team’s performance in less than one year. Learn how differentiating ‘delegating’ and ‘dumping’ will make your and your team’s work life more enjoyable and productive.

Seatbelt Sessions: The Power of Constructive Feedback

Can you name a legendary person who positively impacted the world without receiving constructive feedback? Probably not. This session is designed to help you feel more comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback. Learn how constructive criticism and negative feedback are antithetical to a culture of personal and professional growth.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

You are in sales! Yes, you are. No mater your role, your level, or your area, you are in sales. You’re selling ideas. You’re selling approaches. And here’s the thing: great sellers understand that their success comes when their clients (bosses, peers, teammates, partners, and customers) view them as advisors. This program provides ideas you can use to make the shift from non-seller, to seller, to advisor.

DY’s Guide to a Powerful Attitude

You’re the only one who knows your full story. You’re also the only one who controls your thoughts. Gain several insights you can use to develop and maintain a more powerful attitude for your work. Learn several mindsets that helped me leave the largest housing project in St. Louis to serve some of the leading organizations in the world.

Increasing Executive Presence

For far too long executive presence has been presented as a negative trait reserved for pompous, arrogant jerks who don’t truly care about their employees or their customers. Bump that noise! In this session, you’ll learn that executive presence is a valuable and effective quality that can actually improve how you care for your team and your customers.

How to Mentor Others When You Never Had One

You want to do it. You just don’t know how, because no one did it for you. Mentoring is a game-changing variable in the lives of people at every stage of their career. Gain steps and techniques to improve how you help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Your budget isn’t growing. Your team isn’t growing. All the while, your work demands are steadily growing. You need innovation like you need oxygen! Learn a process for assessing and addressing the factors that uncover and unlock innovation in your team.


Get the Job You Want for Students

This session will help you transition from “selling yourself” in the interview, to “explaining” why you should be hired. Learn several interview techniques that will increase your interview confidence and focus.

Using Your College Experience to Prepare for Work

I have met people who went to college to maximize their mental capacities by matriculating through the traditional rigor of interpersonal and academic challenge. Ha! At four years old my mother told me I needed to go to college because I was gonna need a good job. If that second path sounds familiar, this program is for you. Learn several ways to position and pursue your college activities in a manner that is consistent with what you might experience in the professional world. This is one of my all-time favorites.

How to Hit the Ground Running After College

The premise for this session is simple. Would you rather do things that work or things that don’t work? After helping thousands of college graduates start their careers, there are a few concepts that will make a big difference if you apply them. Learn to avoid the common mistakes many college grads make in their first few years of work. Learn to apply the success factors of great work habits, great work relationships, and great work impact.

To learn more about DY’s new book and his Keynotes and Consulting, visit!